Hideo Nakamura

A young samurai striving to live up to his late father's expectations


Hideo’s mother came to sandpoint before he was born. Her husband sent his family away because it was too dangerous to stay, and promissed to send for them if things got better. That message never came.

When he was old enough, his mother gave him a letter his father had writen before they left, and his ancestral daisho.

Jade nodachi by pupatron

When You Are Old Enough
To Read These Words
Their Meaning Will Unfold
These Words Are All That’s Left
Though We’ve Never Met My Only Son
I Hope You Know
That I Would Have Been There
To Watch You Grow
But My Call Was Heard
And I Did Go
Now your Mission Lies Ahead Of You
As It Did Mine So Long Ago
To Help The Helpless Ones
Who All Look Up To You
And To Defend Them To The End


Hideo has a very idealistic view of his father. He has trained ever since to become the ideal samurai he believes his father to have been.


Hideo Nakamura

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