The secret

So we continued down the passage and soon found it blocked by a wall with a door. It took some doing to break down the door as it was block from the inside.

Sometime later when trying to break down a door I stumbled into a room and fell on my face and was immediately attacked by some kind of fungus creature. It wasn’t too hard to fight but it’s spore cloud really hurt. When it went down I was about to catch my breath when I heard our rearguard was being attacked; apparently by a group of troglodytes.

When those creatures were down we continued our search through the maze of tunnels and cellars. We came upon a cave and inside there was a floating image of a woman with long black hair. yari, the cleric said it was an image of her god Pharasma. The apparition said we’d stumbled upon a long forgoten shrine of hers, and wanted us to take her statue outside. We had to leave our weapons behind. Since Yari didn’t think it was a ruse I went along. But apparently it was a trap. I heard a voice in my head offering me power if i’d swear allegiance to Pazuzu (some evil god). When I refused a demon appeared. I attacked with my bare hands and tried to hold it down, but it was quite strong and managed to break free every time. The someone handed me my blade and the fight went a lot better.

We found a prison guarded by an ogre. When he was down we managed to free his captive, a warrior woman called Kelda Oxgutter. We gave her back her possessions and told her how she could get out and reach our caravan.

The next major thing was a big room where a lot of dire corbies were eating. We charged in and had a glorious battle.

We reached a tower room where a harpy was living. A mute harpy. Ameiko’s sister tried communicating with the foul creature. The thing was the consort of the creature leading in this old castle, an oni named Kikonu. She would help us kill him since she’s apparently come to hate him. So the group agreed and we took up position, and then she contacted him telepathically. Soon he came bursting into the room and we attacked. But the foul being teleported away. The harpy told us of another strong creature living in the castle, and where to find it. The corbie priest.

We found it in what used to be a temple of Desna, now converted into a temple of Pazuzu. We killed it and I destroyed the statue of Pazuzu.

At last we managed to track down Kikonu. He was overseeing corbies playing a theatrical piece, standing on a balcony. While he was busy insulting us from his higher position, I secretly handed Yoko a ring we’d found: a ring of the ram. She used it to blast him from his high position and we gave him his due.

Later we found the thing we came to Brinewall for: the vaults. Inside we found a magical box. We took it back to the caravan, and then opened it. We had some visions on Tian Xia being overrun by fiends, of the emperor being murdered and Ameiko’s ancestors leaving their home. We witnessed her grandfather selling his ancestral blade to secure passage over the mountains which gave us a clear idea of where to go next.

And now we know Ameiko’s true name is Ameiko Amatatsu, and she’s the heir to the throne. (we’re also in line for the throne since the seal chose us as well, but that’s not as important) With this done, the kami left Ameiko’s body and she woke up.

Kelda will be joining us when we go north. Her family lives there. Spivey will join us as well now the castle has been cleared.

And our next stop would be Riddleport; a city big enough to sell some of the stuff we looted from the ruins and buy some new equipment.

The secret

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