the other side

We stayed a couple of days in the Irutaki village. Sandru wanted to leave as soon as possible since there was nothing to do. I told him I prefered to stay a few days. Nobody spoke up, so wa stayed.

I’d decided to look for a suitable gift for Ameiko and had thought of an instrument made out of ivory. What better place to have that made then a village that lives off hunting walrus? It took two days to have that finished.

From there we traveled south until we reached a mountainrange. Ulf informed us we needed to cross a pass there, but while we were preparing a Morosco showed up and effectively blocked our path. And compiling our information left us two options besides waiting for the storm to pass. We could ask Irutaki fisherman to take us by boat along the coast, or we could look for the entrance to an underground city built by followers of Desna.

Dara convinced us to take the underground passage and consulted her goddess to divine the direction of the entrance.

The passage took us to a dead city. The followers of Desna had long since died (or were slaughtered; I guess we’ll never know which) and the city had been taken over by yeti. At one point we had some trouble crossing a bridge over a chasm. The bridge had been blocked by an anti life shell, and a couple of mumys. It too some doing, including my horse walking on air, and the undead horses dragging the wagons across while Dara dangled from a rope; but we managed.

The main opposition inside this place was a yeti who’d been possessed by the spirit of the creature that had been controlling the moroscos. This was quite a fight. We were being swarmed by yetis until we managed to slay the yeti boss. At that point the rest of them fled, but then we were opposed by the spirit.

When we reached the other side, our undead horses collapsed into dust. I guess the guardian of the dome considered us safe, as we were in sight of a huge city. Yoko and I headed to the city to go buy horses, but we were met with distrust. We were not allowed to enter the city without a search of our belongings. The guards took our wagons to the gates and started looking through everything. This started to go wrong when the guards insisted on taking the warding box from Ameiko, who refused to give it.

Luckily the main adviser to the local lord arrived, which defused this situation before it could go up in our faces. In short order we were invited into the city to visit his majesty, and had to stay for a series of feasts spread out over five days.

The first feast was a lavish thing, and ended with a series of games where I competed in mounted archery, bareback riding and wrestling. The second feast had a competition of performing arts.

I have a lot of doubts considering our stay here. The lord seems friendly enough on the outside. But maybe he’s being a little bit too friendly. We are under constant guard. What will hapen ofter the last feast? Will he let us leave? One thing is for sure: there’s plenty of evidence he doesn’t value life at all.

the other side

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