spire of pain

Our voyage across the ice continued for a few more days. The first sign of our destination was a blue glare oin the horizon, as if some kind of blue fire was burning in the night. Next we saw the actual tower in the distance; a 300’ tall spire with a blue light on top.

We decided to ride the caravan to the tower. In hindsight maybe that wasn’t such a bright idea. Hordes of hoarfrost spirits tried to block our route. We only barely made it to the entrance of the damned building, and our wagons would need some serious repairs before we would go anywhere.

In the entrance hall we had to battle a strangle plantlike monster and some undead before we could investigate further. There weren’t any stairs going up, but Anko and Yoko found a way to operate a magical platform to take us up.

The roof was where the vilain was hiding. She was a harpy in service of a demonlord. She controlled the hoarfrost spirits and the hungry winds. It was quite a fight to take her out. She was on a platform floating up in the air, and we had to keep the magical lift platform in place or her winds made it nearly impossible to move. She blasted us with lightning and summoned beasts to keep us occupied while we had to destroy four crystals which would end her controll of the wind.

Yoko was killed there and some more of us went down. But we succeeded and were able to use the Amatatsu seal to revive her.

The next stretch of the journey would take us to Dead man’s Dome. But before we could get there hordes of hoarfrost spirits showed up. We managed to get to the dome and craft some defenses before the fight started. This proved a bit too much. The wagons were destroyed. We got some help from a legendary undead being that guards the dome site. And I think that’s why we’re still alive today. It helped us destroy the spirits before we were killed.

It also summoned some skeletal horses to draw a few wagons we managed to repair, and that’s how we reached the other side of the crown. We reached a village, and the first thing I did was look for an inn for some hot food and a very, very long hot bath. I guass I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Before long just about everyone was luxuriating in the hot water and sipping hot wine.

spire of pain

Jade Regent DirkVanleeuw