on the ice

Leaving Hallow’s Eve, our journey to the Crown of the World started in earnest. First there was the long trek through the Lands of the Linnorm Kings to reach the Rimethirst Mountains, then the pass through the mountains, followed by hundreds of miles of fairly desolate tundra to reach the High Ice of the crown.

Our journey to the mountains was fairly uneventful. When we cleared the pass Ulf called for a meeting and a decision. We could follow the wellknown path, or a shortcut through the Gaarjuk Hills he’d discovered on one of his previous journeys.

We decided on the shortcut. This is when it started to get interresting. For one, we got stuck in a blizzard for almost a week. And when we reached the Irutaki village we found it deserted. (The Irutaki are the indigenous people of this region. They’re mostly hunters. Riding Dara’s wagon has made me pick up some expensive words)

We found two small merrow hiding in the village; tyhose are aquatic creatures living in a nearby lake. And later we discovered some kind of aquatic hag. Now this type of hag can curse humanoids into merrow. We had a talk and she informed us she had punished the village for an insult by cursing some of the children. So we killed her. Killing her broke the curse on five of the kids, and we decided on following the villagers to return their children.

Later we found a band of canibal Irutaki who had slaughtered those villagers. I decapitated their chief with one blow and then we killed the rest of that band.

Leaving the hills, Ulf called for another decision. Either we followed the trail, or we could take a shortcut via the village of Iqaliat. We chose the shortcut.

Iqaliat was in trouble. A white dragon who’d always lived nearby had become hostile. And the village shaman was hellbent on blaming uus for all the troubles of the community, even calling for a human sacrifice. We convinced the village to let us go deal with the dragon.

What I had expected to be a hell of a battle didn’t turn out that way. We talked with the creature. (well, we did it because she’d summoned fog and we could get rid of it and she then snatched Dara to have a private talk)

Someone had gon into her lair and smashed her eggs. So we agreed to bring the culprit to justice, and she would ignore the village once again. Ofcourse it was the shaman. He’d returned changed from a vision quest, and now worshiped a demon lord. So we killed him and his summoned undead creatures. We found a map and a letter in his possessions. So now we had a new destination on the Ice; on the Boreal Expanse, the very center on the crown.

This journey proved to be a nightmare. Temperatures dropped to levels even our spellcasters could make bareable with magic. I thought we’d met our doom when we could get the caravan moving anymore. But then some elementals showed up and agreed to assist us get out of the region of increased cold.

on the ice

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