let him go by

*The door burst open, splinters flying around as the ancient wood was smashed to kindling by the horde of creatures streaming through. Their warcries filled the air and the walls seemed to shake under the pounding of their footsteps and the ferocity of their cry.

Yoko waited patiently, her mind calm and focused, waiting for the right moment as she let the monsters rush past. Then as the last of the brutes rushed over the shattered remains of the door she stepped forward from her hiding place, blinkstrike slashing up in a wide arc. She felt the blade connect against the neck of her target, the razorsharp edge of the blade barely being slowed as it cut through scale, muscle and bone alike. The creature didn’t even slow it’s step, it’s tiny brain not having registered yet what had happened.

A single moment, one perfect killing strike.

Yoko looked onto the shocked faces of the three creatures at the other side of the door, before vanishing from view, her form simply fading as she completed her move, no trace of her ever having been there remaining, gone before the corpse of the one she had attacked hit the ground, it’s monstrous head rolling down the floor.*

let him go by

Jade Regent Milura