So we reached Riddleport. Sandru had warned us this city is crowded, with lots of narrow streets and stalls everywhere. But even his warning didn’t prepare me for the experience. I think the best comparison would be a disturbed anthill.

But we managed to do our shopping and trading without attracting unwanted attention. Then I went to look for a present for Ameiko. I settled on a beautiful magical musicbox.

Then we set out for Kalsgard, a big city some 800 miles to the north; some 25 days of travel.

On the road people started noticing a strange bird showing up regularly. Varisians call it a bloodbird or something like it, and they say it means trouble is on the way. Not much of a prediction there if you ask me. We’re adventuring in the wilderness. What’s the chance of trouble showing up?

Our trouble did show up. We were attacked by wooddrakes and wooly rhinos; and we had some cargo stolen. And we did meet a band of raiders from the north. After the fight we saw they all wore the same golden bracelet.

In Kalsgard Sandru proposed we go in alone and look for a guide and Ameiko’s sword, Suishen. Kelda took her leave and went looking for our reward for freeing her.

We took up rooms in an inn in the jade quarter, a quarter inhabited by Tian imigrants. The innkeeper told me finding a guide would be hard since winter’s coming. Guild law forbids crossing the crown of the world during winter since it’s more or less suicide.

I found a woman who told us she knows a man who might be able to help us out. he tends to ignore guild law, but he’s gone missing. He went to the farm of a man called Asvig, but he didn’t return. We went there, but Asvig and his guards maintained Ulf hadn’t been there. To make a long story short: we found out he’d been lying, and confronted him. This turned into a melee in which I challenged and killed him. We took some guards prisoner, but they only knew Asvig had taken Ulf somewhere else.

Since the guards spoke of a burial ceremony we decided to check out that site. There was a chance Asvig had put Ulf on the burial ship to dispose of him. Yoko sneaked on board to check, since a ceremonial guard of templeguards of Pharasma was no permitting entrance. She found some undead creature chained in the hold. But no sign of Ulf. We’re going to have to look around some more.


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