Important notes

Starting in Sandpoint

The Jade Regent Adventure Path begins in the small town of Sandpoint on the west coast of Varisia—but it isn’t going to stay there. The Jade Regent Adventure Path will be leaving the comfortable town of Sandpoint before the first adventure in the campaign is done. While your character should be from the town of Sandpoint (or at least from that region, if only to explain how your character established his or her relationship with one of the four key NPCs), you should avoid building in any long-term character goals that require your PC to remain in town. The Campaign Traits
mostly encourage a sense of adventure and wanderlust and a desire to see the world beyond Sandpoint, but part of the responsibility for cultivating that mindset falls upon you as the player. Remember that when you sign on to play an Adventure Path, you’re signing on for a specific story. While you still have an enormous amount of freedom in designing your character, if you focus your design choices on ones that fit this Adventure Path’s theme of long journeys, you’ll have a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience in the end!

Ninja and Samurai

While players will be delving into the enchanting and foreign lands of Tian Xia in this Adventure Path, this does not mean you can’t start the game as a ninja or a samurai. Just as the Kaijitsu family traveled from distant Tian Xia to Avistan, your family could have made the long journey as well, bringing with it some of that land’s ancient traditions. Of course, you need not even be from Tian Xia to be a ninja or a samurai—these classes and traditions, while rare in the Inner Sea region, are far from unknown. If you want to start the Jade Regent Adventure Path as a ninja or a samurai (or for that matter, a geisha bard, a martial artist, or any other on-theme option presented in Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, or any other Pathfinder
rulebook), work with your GM to determine the details of how your character came to join this class.



Important notes

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