House of Withered Blossoms

We were standing outside the gate, listening to voices taunt us, looking for a way to open this gate. I was contemplating simply breaking it down, when Spivey used some spell to teleport us to the other side. On the other side we fought a bunch of hobgoblins and a claygolem.

Then we could mounnt the stairs, to a bedroom where a guy was having sex with a dozen female hobgoblins. He didn’t bother to quit when we barged in. A couple of his companions rose to confront us, but they didn’t prove to be match for us.

After we defeated this group we moved on and reached a balcony overlooking a lake. I saw our unfortunate cleric hiding from some more hobgoblins, so she was still alive.

We had to cross a chasm with gorgons hiding at the bottom. our ranger got petrified by their breathweapon. So I dragged his statue through the dungeon so have him revived at the earliest opportunity.

Next were a couple of oni samurai, one mounted on a gorgon mount. These were quite tough.

And after what seemed quite a long time we reached the lake, and our cleric. The hobgoblins saw us coming, and ran into a cave. There we battled them, and spirit naga, in a dark gauntlet filled with entrails of the people sacrificed in the dark ritual to open a gate by which the oni escaped their prison. Our ranger, revived by our cleric, died there. I dragged his bodie out of the House, to have him revived; but apparently he had left a note stating his wish not to be resurrected after his dimise. He was buried in the Forset of Spirits, and he will be missed.

After this gauntlet we reached the cave where the oni in charge of these forces was hiding. She had another samurai with her. This was a very hard fight. We almost didn’t make it since we were all tired and bloody, and had lost some of our members to various effects. but we pulled through. On her body we found one of the ancestral weapons of the ruling families of Minkai; a weapon imbued with honor. I think these weapons may prove to be of primordial importance in the coming battle with the five storms.

We returned to the kami, to joy over our recent victory, and grief over the loss of a companion. Our kitsune guide decided to join us on our voyage, as did one of the kami whose bonsai tree we rescued from the oni.

House of Withered Blossoms

Jade Regent DirkVanleeuw