Hallow's Eve

After a week of traveling we reached a village that didn’t look as if it belonged in the land of the linnorm kings, but rather somewhere South in Varisia. it was called Hallow’s Eve. They didn’t have any of the longhouses we’d come to expect, but rather the multi storied stone buildings from down South.

As we approached the village, I noticed a dirty puppy with a broken paw in the middle of the road. So I halted and handed it to Dara for treatment. We parked in the town square and noticed a big statue of 5 people. When I approached it to take a look it fell apart! That’s when the locals really started to take an interrest in us. Before long they informed us this village had been founded by five heroes who had cleared the area of monsters some fifty years before. And theyr wizard had left a will that all their belongings would be handed over to a group of travelers that would be recognised by certain signs. For example, they would do an act of kindness; that would be the puppy. The statue would collapse. And a few more. We fit the bill!!

So we were greeted as newcomers, and received the keys to our new mansion. And after that there was a banquet. The childeren would try to scare the adults, and if they succeeded received a piece of candy. After diner they had a dance.

Around midnight the inn was hit by some kind of haunting, and we started an investigation. We traced it to our new mansion. Something had gone on with those heroes. So I headed out to check the building. When I opened the front door I was hit by a vision. I saw Pumpkin Jack collecting the spirits of those heroes. Pumpkin Jack was a bard who’d sold his soul to Asmodeus for glory, and later tricked Asmodeus into releasing him.

Inside we had to fight some kind of haunting related to those heroes, one for each. For instance the fighter’s trophies came to live, and the ghost of the ranger’s wife fought us. At every spot we then found a piece of a pumpkin helmet, and when we had five, we could reassemble the helmet. This served as some kind of key to open a door in the basement. Behind this we fought construct that looked like Pumpkin Jack.

When this thing went down we heard a disembodied voice laughing at us, and saying it had enjoyed itself and would return next year for a new round. And with that a new monster appeared as a ‘parting gift, another ’Pumpkin Jack’ for us to dispatch.

I wonder if this in true; if in another year we’ll be visited by this vilain once again, and this every year for as long as we live? Or will we be able to stop him once and for all somewhere down the road?

Hallow's Eve

Jade Regent DirkVanleeuw