Eye of the storm

Yoko was sitting crosslegged in the center of the room, eyes closed, meditating. On the floor before here lay the both blades she had been carrying around for months now. On the left was Blinkstrike, the ancestral blade of her ninja clan, and on the right Suishen, the intelligent blade of the emperor. She had been sitting there for hours now, calmly breathing in and out, meditating.

Why is it that you shut everything out so much Yoko?

she didn’t open her eyes, knowing that the voice had come from Suishen and could only be heard by her

Admirable as your resolve is to your cause, that is not the only thing in the world. There is more to life than the personal code you follow. There are those around you who would not like to see you throw away your life so easily.

A smile crossed her lips, her mind wandering to the events that had lead up to her death a few days before. She had been utterly ready to die to stop the evil there, there had been no doubt in her mind. Sure she would miss the silent conversations with both Suishen and the Angel, and she would miss Sandro, and never know if she’d ever get close to him. But it was her way, aku zuko san, a code she had lived by and for for so long that it was simply a part of her being.

I do simply what must be done, even if others will or do not. And I know you are right but that will not change my mind. This evil must be stopped, no matter the cost. But that does not mean I do or will not have regrets Suishen. My last thought was not of failure.

I know

she opened her eyes and stood up, first picking up Blinkstrike, running the blade along the palm of her hand, drawing blood before cleaning it off and putting it back in it’s scabbard. She then retrieved Suishen and repeated the process before turning around and walking outside.

Eye of the storm

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