With these things decided, all that remained for us to do in the city was depose of the current daimyo. I asked Yoko to check out the palace while the rest of us took care of other things. She returned with news of some ronin near the gates observing the guards.
I decided to go and have a talk with them. In short, I told them we were interrested in bringing change to the city, and if they wanted to maybe work together, they could come to us and talk it over. Shortly after the ‘9 paws’ entered our tavern. They were former samurai who left when the daimyo asked intolerable acts of them.

Also, the daimyo had left for his estate, a day’s ride from Enganoka. So we headed there. Yoko entered the castle unseen, in hopes of catching the man off guard, while the rest of us waited outside. At some point an alarm was raised and the daimyo’s army started making for the castle. That’s when we staged an assault in hopes of attracting attention and giving Yoko time to finish her task.

We managed, and soon after Yoko returned with news of the daimyo’s demise.

In Enganoka, the new daimyo had arrived. We had a meeting, and then turned our attention to finding the ninja sent to kill Ameiko. I asked Ameiko’s sister to disguise herself like Ameiko in hopes of attracting the assassin’s attention. It worked a bit too well however. We were attacked by a man I didn’t suspect. (I suppose that’s likely in a well trained ninja)
In the end the man was killed, but Ameiko’s sister got killed as well. Lucklily we were able to use the seal to bring her back.

The new daimyo wanted to meet Ameiko, and we were sent to bring her to Enganoka with an honour guard. Yoko and I teleported ahead to save time.

In the fortress we saw evidence the empress had not sat idle. There was quite a big army gathered, and everywhere people were training and making things. It took quite some time to get an audience (something I hadn’t expected), and our first ally showed signs of political scheming. He had worked himself up as Ameiko’s first advisor. He starrted rubbing me the wrong way when he began talking down and calling us unimportant.

Also, I met an emissary of Amoromi. At first I was quite excited to maybe learn something more of this religion and my father. But my joy soon turned sour. The woman revealed to me Amoromi wanted to have me as her chosen champion; but this would mean for me to give me completely and unquestioning to her. I found this a bit strange, coming from the goddess of the bushido code. Furthermore, she revealed I had sacrificed other things then I had believed in exchange for her help. When I had believed to sacrifice my life, I had in fact sacrificed my future with Ameiko. And later, it had been my future in Minkai.

Now, I know I haven’t been lied to, but this is still deception in my book. And I don’t like to be deceived. Furthermore, this doesn’t seem to be very honorable; and this coming from the goddess of the code. Needless to say I felt quite badly about this, and I ended turning her offer down.

Later when we met the honourguard I also met a man who’d been looking for me. He revealed himself a cleric of General Susumu, the god of war, personal glory, … Apparently to this faith I’m the reborn champion. And they revealed Amoromi as a powerful Oni!

Dara did some divining, and to her goddess Amoromi is an oni, she took that off me and I am the champion of General Susumu.

When we reached Enganoka there was some upheaval when a bunch of oni attacked. And later, when the order of importance was decided I lost my temper. When our ‘master of ceremony’ put our group at the very back, I threw our appointment as heirs to the throne by the Amatatsu seal in his face. (not literally ofcourse)

We headed south towards the capital. And on the way I took the time to compose a present for Ameiko, and included a writen plea for her.

We need to get Ameiko to the shrine of the ancestors, to have her accepted by those spirits. We tried entering by airwalk but were discovered. When we tried sneaking in under disguise, it went wrong. Dara really messed it up throwing around glitterdust spells, and we were split up. Yari and I ended up making our way to the docks through the sewers.

When the rest got there they told us how they’d seen one of our allies being readied for execution. Ameiko sent me back to free her; so I had to choose between my sworn duty to protect her, and my sworn duty to obey her. I chose the first, and will present her my swords to do as she will afterwards.


Jade Regent DirkVanleeuw