We moved on and reached a very small hamlet. But most amazingly it had a stuffed blue dragon standing in the middle. The local taxidermist had found it twenty years earlier and put it there. It had been wounded in a combat, as it had small claw marks over its body, and apparently it had crashed to death afterwards. Incidently, the dragon was found at the same time a strange storm had started on a nearby mountain, which had lasted ever since. Someone noticed a thunderbird soaring over the valey, so presumably the storm is related to that animal.

Afterwards guards started to see people sneaking around at night, and some kind of hag was killed. I burried its head. But the sightings didn’t stop, and eventually we followed the Varisian dancer we’d rescued earlier into a witch’s circle. it led us to a room where she was talking to another woman. She claimed to be Shelyn, and transformed into something that looked very much like Shelyn. And she explained she’d been helping the girl to get closer to our scout who’d saved her. It seemed plausible to me at the time.

Later this got all out of hand. Dara found out it might actually have been a lich posing as Shelyn for some convoluted scheme. She’d hexed him and when he finally gave into her charms he instantly aged about fifty years.

Also, that lich seemed to be collecting my father’s armor. We discovered his helmet in a case that belonged to her. And I saw one more of those cases earlier.

After the scout got hexed the helmet’s eyeslits started emitting white light and Dara recognised some kind of divination magic at work. I put it one, and was somehow transported to another place. I met a female samurai who introduced herself as Amoromi, goddess of honor and bushido. She told me my father served her, and still does after death. She also told me she could help our scout if someone would willingly make a sacrifice. So I volunteered. I was to use her wakizashi to commit sepuku.

When I returned a took the man out into the fields. I warned the rest not to follow or interfere. And I informed him I would help him if he would swear to lead a life of honor. He protested he could not accept that offer, but in the end it was my decision to do that.

I awoke back in town. Now I’ve got two more things to do: find my ancestral armor, and kill that lich.

When we reached Brinewall, Ameiko collapsed into a coma. Apparently she’s possessed by a kami, but furthermore unharmed. The fortress is occupied by strange birdpeople.

We discovered a secret passage starting in the village.


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