A journey

Things started out much as they always have the last couple of years.

I went by the Rusty Dragon for breakfast, and to catch a word with Ameiko; and then I went to work with the guards.

But suddenly there was a big explosion. I rushed outside and saw a cloud of smoke rising over the marshes. So I saddled my horse and rode out to investigate; after I told the captain I was doign this ofcourse. As I rode out I saw Shalelu’s apprentice running out of town to do the same.

I found a trader’s caravan down the road. They’d been attacked by goblins using fireworks. But they’d ran off when the explosion went off.

We escorted them to town, and then went to investigate. We found the goblins all dead. So we went back to report, and maybe assemble a bigger party to go into the marsh. That evening word came the mayor had reïnstituted the bounty on goblins.

The next morning we headed into the marshes. There was Koya’s ward, Ameiko’s siblings and Shalelu’s apprentice. We managed to find the goblin village, but it seemed it had been cleared, all except of the chief’s home. Inside we fought him and six of his guards. We discovered a crude map of the region with three markings on it. So we went to investigate. We found the burnt out hull of a ship, the origin of the explosion I think. And further on we found a bigger ship covered with briars. On deck we had to fight some skeletons armored and armed in the style of my homeland.

The last marking was a cave. Inside we found some more skeletons and were nearly overcome. We had to camp there for two days to recover enough to move ahead. We discovered a jade casket containing a number of artifacts.

Back in Sandspoint we were greeted as heroes. One of the artifacts we found was a magical wakizashi belonging to Ameiko’s family. She bought it from us. And we found a letter from her grandfather to her father about her family’s greatest secret.

That day I also gave Ameiko a present, a gold and ivory fan we found on our adventure.

The next daysAmeiko and her friends were deciding wether or not to investigate that letter further. I made up my mind: I’d just go where ever Ameiko decided to go. That was easy enough.

After a few days a decision was made: we would go north to Brinewall Castle. We would organise a caravan, and I would go as a guard.

After a few days we reached a monastery dedicated to all gods. We stayed there for the night. A band of Varisian acrobats had a show there, but one of them fell to her death. It seemed like a true accident. However, during the night another one died in a freak accident. This was a bit strange, but I couldn’t find any proof of a crime. And while I was talking to one of their members, he died in another freak accident without any proof of foul play.

We dicided to let the two remaining women tag along north. On the way we found what was going on. We found a mothman, an agent of tate, was at play. We killed it.

We reached the Varisian village without further incident. I was in a particularly good mood that day after Ameiko had complimented me. The village had a wishing well, and I tossed in a coin wishing for Ameiko to finally love me in return. I didn’t really believe in the well being for real; it was more an act born of my good mood.

But Ameiko’s sister started acting weird after she’d made a wish; and somebody noticed a green light in Ameiko’s eyes, a possible sign of mindmagic. So I started growing concerned. Koya found evidence of evil magic, and after some deliberation we concluded there might be something like an Aboleth captured down there to handle these wishes. Then I had an idea and wished for my previous wish to be undone. That worked. I warned the villagers of our theory.

A few days later we reached Hag’s Plummet. Near there our rangers freed a girl from some bandits. The girl seems quite taken by Shalelu’s apprentice.

The next day we reached a goblin village.They were having a market, selling all kinds of junk. A female asked my help against the ravens in the area who were hostile. I can’t say I blame the birds. But Ameiko’s sister had noticed the village shaman with a beautiful bracelet. So I went to investigate. It turns out he had robbed the tomb of a priest of Pharasma. So I killed the shaman and we sealed the jewel back in the tomb. And I warned the goblins not to touch the tomb again.

A journey

Jade Regent DirkVanleeuw