A young woman, looking at the sky.


Race: Half-Elf
Class: Oracle (Stargazer)
Mystery: Time
Diety: yuelral
Curse: Lame (left leg)
Rescued (Koya)
Seeker of Brightness
Guiding Star
Erase From Time
Skill Focus (Perception)
Extra Revelation

personal song:
rainbow connection


Daralived with her mother in the forest, never having seen her father, and staying away from people for most of the time. Her mother was an accomplished elven hunter, and managed to keep the two safe from most harm. Trading away anything they didn’t from the hunt with the nearby town of Sandpoint.

When she turned 20, her mother asked her to go out and explore the world for herself. So she could become who she was meant to be. Things went good to ok, untill 2 years later, she was caught in a storm. A tree was hit by lightning and fell down upon her. She lost consciousness. When she woke, it was because of a pain stinging through left leg, even as the rest of her body was healing. Koya had found her, and was unable to remove the tree without Dara dieing, so she healed her, forcing the leg to grow in the twisted broken shape the tree forced upon it.

During the night that followed, Dara looked up upon the stars, realising her hunting days were over, and a simply dressed elven lady walked over to her. The lady explained t her she had a choice. She could have her leg restored, and life her life as a huntress, or she could accept what happened, and gain the gift of understanding. It wasn’t an easy choice for Dara, but she did ask for understanding. Dara has never known wether she was dreaming when this happened or not, but from that moment she is capable of using magic.


Jade Regent Kaltesh